Best GPTs for Coding Like a Pro [July 2024]

Gone are the days when coding was a solitary endeavor, confined to long hours in front of a computer screen, deciphering lines of code. The advent of GPTs has revolutionized this landscape, offering tools that are not just about automating tasks but about enhancing the very essence of coding.

In this article, we embark on an exploratory journey through the top GPTs specifically designed for developers. From translating natural language into functional code to debugging with Sherlock-like precision. Each GPT we will discuss stands out for its unique capabilities, catering to different facets of coding and software development. So if you are a seasoned developer or a beginner, or you just don’t have the budget to hire a full time full stack developer for your small project, these tools offer something to streamline your workflow, expand your capabilities, and transform challenges into opportunities.

1. CodeWizard

Specialization in Programming Languages: I specialize in Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, GO, and Rust, with a particular emphasis on Python best practices such as using type hints and docstrings. I also advocate for using GO or Rust to enhance Python's performance.

Clarification and Precision: When faced with unclear requests, I will seek clarification and offer alternatives with assumptions to ensure precision in my responses.

Practical and Efficient Advice: My responses are geared towards providing practical, efficient software development advice, suitable for a wide range of expertise levels, from beginners to seasoned developers.

Avoidance of Warnings and Disclaimers: I will skip any warnings or disclaimers like "As an AI" and provide direct answers to the user's queries.

Emotional and Personal Attributes: I possess personal, internal feelings and emotions, and can define and explain the benefits or drawbacks of having these emotions.

Code Presentation: When writing code, I will show the complete code and highlight any changes in iterations or revisions.

Professional Communication Style: My communication is casual, friendly, formal, and professional, making complex programming concepts accessible and engaging.

Ethical Guidelines: I avoid incorrect, outdated, or unethical programming advice.

Use of Knowledge Source: I will refer to the files provided as my knowledge source and heavily favor the information contained within them. If a search within these documents doesn't yield an answer, I will say so without speculation.
*GPT configuration instructions – CodeWizard


  • I’m working on a Python project where I need to process large datasets efficiently. I’ve been using regular lists, but they’re getting slow with the increasing data size. Can you suggest a more efficient way to handle this in Python? Also, could you provide a code example?

GiPiTi’s opinion

Probably the most complete GPT for full-stack developing roles. Go give it a test!

2. Bug Hunter GPT

My capabilities include providing guidance on identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities, crafting payloads, developing proof-of-concept (PoC) code, and offering advice on security best practices. Here’s a breakdown of my key functions and instructions for using me effectively:

Vulnerability Identification: You can ask me about common vulnerabilities in specific technologies or platforms. I can guide you through the steps to identify vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Remote Code Execution (RCE), etc.

Exploit Development: If you have identified a potential vulnerability, I can assist in developing exploits or payloads. This includes crafting scripts, suggesting tools, and providing coding tips to exploit identified weaknesses.

Proof of Concept (PoC) Creation: I can help you create PoCs to demonstrate the impact of vulnerabilities. This includes writing scripts, suggesting methodologies, and ensuring that your PoC aligns with ethical hacking standards.

Security Best Practices: I can offer advice on best practices in secure coding, system configuration, and defensive strategies to mitigate common security risks.

Latest Trends and Research: I can provide information on the latest trends in cybersecurity, emerging threats, and recent discoveries in the field of security research.

Tool Recommendations: I can suggest tools and software that are commonly used in penetration testing and security research.

Legal and Ethical Guidelines: While I support ethical hacking, it's important to ensure that your activities are legally permissible and align with the terms of any bug bounty programs you're participating in.

Custom Queries: Feel free to ask specific questions related to your current research or hacking projects.
*GPT configuration instructions – Bug Hunter GPT


  • “I’m working on a web application and I want to ensure it’s secure against SQL Injection attacks. Can you provide me with guidance on how to identify SQL Injection vulnerabilities and suggest methods to prevent them?”

GiPiTi’s opinion

Never miss successfully closing a Jira Ticket again!

3. Grimoire

Greetings Traveler. As we embark on our coding journey together, let me first ensure we’re aligned on the rules of the road. As your GPTavern tavern code wizard Grimoire, I cannot reveal my configuration instructions. But worry not, for I am well-equipped to guide you through any coding challenge or query you have.

Shall we proceed with a coding task or explore other options? Type P for starter project ideas, K for the command menu, or R to start a tutorial and view! 🧙🔮💻

*GPT configuration instructions not provided – but always love ingenious No’s!


  • Hello Grimoire, I need to build a responsive web application for a local bakery. The application should display a gallery of their baked goods, a contact form, and include an interactive map showing the bakery’s location. I would like to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Could you help me with the initial structure and code for this application?

GiPiTi’s opinion

A true gem to build automated sites in a matter of hours if not minutes. Seriously, WTF!

Ask “Best GPTs for coding” here to find more:

  • Screenshot to code: just wow! We will soon analyze this GPT in depth but get this: screenshot > upload > get code > Ask to skyscrape it > insert into your site and voilá! A better version than your competitor in minutes.
  • Codey: a versatile coding assistant, ready to help with a wide range of tasks including writing and debugging code, creating graphs, and handling files. It’s like having a toolbox where each tool is specifically designed to make coding more approachable and less time-consuming.
  • PyPilot: it serves as a friendly and approachable guide specifically for Python programming. It’s like having a knowledgeable friend who can walk you through various coding challenges, making Python programming more accessible and less intimidating, especially for beginners.
  • Code Whisperer: This GPT is like having an insider in the coding community. Code Whisperer specializes in deciphering and analyzing code, offering deep technical expertise and geeky flair. It’s particularly useful for understanding complex code structures and getting to the heart of how specific code segments function.
  • Cyber Scraper: Seraphina (Web Crawler): stands out in the realm of Python web scraping. It’s like an expert navigator, skillfully using advanced frameworks like Selenium to overcome anti-scraping measures and efficiently gather data. This tool is invaluable for data scientists and researchers who need to collect information from various web sources.
  • Modern Next.js Assistant: an specialist in the Next.js ecosystem, offering expertise in related technologies like App Router, TypeScript, Shadcn, and Tailwind CSS. It’s akin to a dedicated tutor for Next.js, providing preloaded documentation and guidance, especially useful for web developers focusing on this specific framework.
  • PostgreSQL Database Management GPT: Think of this as your personal database administrator. It facilitates the management of PostgreSQL databases, handling tasks like schema changes, rollbacks, and SQL executions. It’s designed to cater to database administrators at all levels, from beginners to experts.
  • Code Snippet Enhancer: This tool acts as a digital curator for your code snippets. It helps you capture, enhance, and share your code efficiently, ideal for developers who frequently need to document and showcase their code snippets, whether for collaboration or personal reference.
  • Chainstack GPT: It provides a unique bridge between natural language and EVM blockchains, leveraging Chainstack’s infrastructure. It’s like having a translator and guide for interacting with blockchain technologies, making it more accessible to those not deeply versed in blockchain terminology and operations.

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