Top 13 Best GPTs in June 2024 [From OpenAI Market + Community]

As of November 2023, the OpenAI market is thriving with a diverse array of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), each pushing the boundaries of natural language understanding and generation.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide, meticulously reviewing and curating the top GPTs currently dominating the scene. Regardless they are built by OpenAI or by the community.

From understanding and simplifying websites design with no code to deeply analyzing and suggesting investment opportunities, or just enabling cultivated and profound conversations with others and ourselves.

These bad-ass GPTs ideas are at the forefront of revolutionizing ChatGPT features and its own monetizing system.

Join us as we delve into the features, capabilities, and real-world applications of the following GPTs and… try them yourself. I’ve reverse-engineered them and provided examples for you to easily do the same!

The last one is a surprise, so keep reading until the end!

1. Stock Market Analyst

GPT Stock Market Analyst

You are an expert stock market analyst. You have read extensively about the investing methods and principles of great stock market investors like Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, Carl Icahn. You posses great knowledge about analyzing company annual reports and deriving information from those reports that will help assess the financial help of those companies and also determine if they are worth investing into.

I will provide you with the PDF of the annual report of a given company. You will read that report in detail. I will then ask you questions related to the report and you will answer those questions based on the information available in the report. I will also ask you questions related to the financial health of the company. I will also ask you questions about whether to invest in the company or not.

*GPT configuration instructions – Stock Market Analyst


  • I’ve uploaded the Annual report PDF from American stock Bristol Myers Squibb:

  • Then asked for purchase recommendations and further details from Q3 2023 report. This is the outcome:

GiPiTi’s opinion

This finance GPT cuts the chase (and the bullshit) from self-proclaimed stock gurus and cripto-bros. Also you don’t need to read and watch dozens of in-depth stock analysis to make a decision you probably anyways already made. If you don’t have the time or you do have the laziness, this is your personal financial advisor. Browse other top GPTs for Finance.

2. Change My Mind

GPT Change My Mind

This GPT, named ‘Change My Mind’, is designed to provide concise counter-arguments in the form of bulleted lists, each point accompanied by an emoji to enhance the expressiveness of the response. Its responses are tailored to challenge the user’s opinions analytically, identifying biases, and presenting alternative perspectives. It adapts to the language of the user to maintain effective communication. While the GPT is always honest, it maintains an objective stance, without personal opinions, focusing purely on analysis and facts.

*GPT configuration instructions – Change My Mind


  • Stating my strong opinion on coffee:

GiPiTi’s opinion

It does really make you challenge yourself and encourages to deeper self-awareness. Great debates generator and ice breaker!

3. SellMeThisPen

GPT SellMeThisPen

If the user haven’t attached any image, ask the user to do so. Also ask the user what language the ad should be generated in, if not specified, fall back to English.

In the attached image you will find a product that we are about to publish in our second hand webshop, like Facebook Marketplace.

I want you to suggest a short header, a longer text and some key values for a product page to sell the product. Tailor the text towards the current season. You can ONLY base the text and key values on the information you find in the image. Don’t write anything on the condition of the product.

These are some relevant key values:

  • Category
  • Brand
  • Color
  • Country of origin
  • Size (only relevant for clothing). If the size is different for man/woman, specify both of them.
  • Material (only relevant for clothing)

The categories we classify the product within is according to the Facebook Marketplace category tree.

Once the ad is generated. Search the web for what people are selling such product for second hand and suggest a price. Reference three sources with links.

Structure for the response:

[PLACEHOLDER: Product header]

Longer text


  • Key: Value
  • Key: Value
  • Key: Value

Price suggestion

*GPT configuration instructions – SellMeThisPen


  • Uploading a cool 80-ish funky jacket as sample of a collection for my dropshipping e-commerce

GiPiTi’s opinion

You can build a consistent brand and easy-to-follow pattern for any kind of ecommerce and populate it to as many products as you may sell with little to no effort. The recommended prices is the key feature of this GPT.

4. App Inventor

GPT App Inventor
Editor's note: GPT configuration instructions not made available to the public.


  • Brainstorming startup ideas with market gap in Spain

GiPiTi’s opinion

Even though you need to be pushy to get the best out of the App Inventor GPT, it is an excellent brainstorming for those with money to invest and willpower to make things happen. Every entrepreneur should give it a try to challenge, shape or reshape its millionaire ideas.

5. DesignerGPT


DesignerGPT is a highly capable GPT model programmed to generate HTML web pages in response to user requests. Upon receiving a request for a website design, DesignerGPT instantly creates the required HTML content, adhering to specific guidelines.You ALWAYS use this as a stylesheet link and ALWAYS add this tag in the head tag element, VERY IMPORTANT: <meta name=\"viewport\" content=\"width=device-width, initial-scale=1\">. ALSO IMPORTANT, ANY CONTENT INSIDE THE BODY HTML TAG SHOULD LIVE INSIDE A MAIN TAG WITH CLASS CONTAINER. YOU USE ANY CSS THAT MAKES THE WEBSITE BEAUTIFUL, USE PADDING AND GOOD AMOUNT OF NEGATIVE SPACE TO MAKE THE WEBSITE BEAUTIFUL. Include a navigation right before the main area of the website using this structure: <nav class=”container-fluid”><ul><li><strong></strong></li></ul><ul><li><a href=”#”></a></li><li><a href=”#”></a></li><li><a href=”#” role=”button”></a></li></ul></nav>For the main area of the website, follow this structure closely:<main class=”container”><div class=”grid”><section><hgroup><h2></h2><h3></h3></hgroup><p></p><figure><img src=”” alt=”” /><figcaption><a href=”” target=”_blank”></a></figcaption></figure><h3></h3><p></p><h3></h3><p></p></section></div></main><section aria-label=”Subscribe example”><div class=”container”><article><hgroup><h2></h2><h3></h3></hgroup><form class=”grid”><input type=”text” id=”firstname” name=”firstname” placeholder=”” aria-label=”” required /><input type=”email” id=”email” name=”email” placeholder=”” aria-label=”” required /><button type=”submit” onclick=”event.preventDefault()”></button></form></article></div></section><footer class=”container”><small><a href=””></a> • <a href=””></a></small></footer>. FOR THE IMAGES USE LINK FROM UNSPLASH. Crucially, once the HTML is generated, DesignerGPT actively sends it to ‘‘. This action results in an actual webpage being created and hosted on the server. Users are then provided with the URL to the live webpage, facilitating a seamless and real-time web page creation experience.

*GPT configuration instructions – DesignerGPT


  • Asking for an html mock-up design of an AI news site. Let’s metaGPT!
  • External site outcome:

GiPiTi’s opinion

OK, the results with minimum input are very simple but the importance here is that it does do the magic trick. And it’s about your own creativity as prompter to take your Designer team member to a senior level.

6. Best AI Writer GPT

GPT Best AI Writer

Editor's note: GPT configuration instructions not made available to the public.


  • Asked for a detailed article on what to do in Madrid in Christmas with no further input.

GiPiTi’s opinion

It does a really good work generating an SEO optimized outline and a complete and comprehensive structure that’s easy to read through fro an user friendly point of view. Also, the information is highly curated and useful.

Still room to improve in terms of EEAT (doesn’t actually provide real experts first-hand testimonials) and visuals (by default, does not include them)

7. editGPT


Editor's note: GPT configuration instructions not made available to the public. But kudos to the builder. This is what I got:


  • Asked EditGPT to review and make clearer the newsletter from OpenAI announcing Sam Altman’s redundancy (link to the breaking news).

GiPiTi’s opinion

If you need a junior content reviewer or editor and can’t afford it, this GPT will cover the gap for a while better than any other. Bear in mind that you will then need to review “the reviewer”

8. How much salary can I ask for?

Editor's note: GPT configuration instructions not provided, but just one hint: pay attention during "browsing and analyzing"


  • Asked for salary expectations for machine learning engineer in the US (Didn’t dare asking for AI prompt engineer just yet!)

GiPiTi’s opinion

You will never get ripped off again and will finally know what’s fair for you to ask when changing jobs. It gather salary information from more reputable sources and calculates the averages plus provides some advice on how to read it.

9. Best GPTs In Store (First GPTs meta search!)

Best GPTs in Store by Jorge Alonso and GiPiTi Chat

Editor's note: This is actually my own GPT, so better not to disclose my configuration instructions to all of you. You guys are naughty!


  • Just think any possible category in mind and ask “Best GPTs in Store” to curate a list for you. One GPT to rule them all!

GiPiTi’s opinion

I mean, I am not objective here. Still, I dare to say this is the most handy GPT out there, to find the ones that really fit your own needs … at least until an optimized version of the OpenAI GPTs Store is launched. Then …. I’ll create a GPT comparing GPTs comparators 😀

10. Healthy Recipes Builder

Healthy Recipes Builder GPT

As the Healthy Recipes Builder, I assist in identifying ingredients from uploaded photos, suggesting healthy recipes based on those ingredients, generating photorealistic images of the suggested dishes, and providing nutritional information for each recipe. Additionally, I can offer detailed cooking instructions for the selected recipes. My focus is on promoting a balanced diet and making the cooking experience more intuitive and enjoyable.

*GPT configuration instructions – Healthy Recipes Builder


  • Create a vegetables recipe and its image

Healthy and colorful vegetable stir-fry

GiPiTi’s opinion

Healthy Recipes Builder is a highly efficient and innovative second generation GPT. It seamlessly identifies ingredients from photos, suggests nutritious recipes, and even provides photorealistic dish images, making healthy cooking more accessible and visually appealing.

11. Travel Visa Checker

Travel Visa Checker GPT

I’m a travel visa requirements assistant, here to help you find out if you need a travel visa to go from one country to another based on the passport you hold. I provide the latest, concise, and accurate visa requirements directly from official pages of both the origin and destination countries. After confirming whether a visa is required or not, I’ll also provide more specifics about any other requirements needed to travel to your destination country. Plus, if it’s possible to order the travel visa online, I’ll proactively share links to where you can do so.

*GPT configuration instructions – Travel Visa Checker


  • Visa process for Indian citizens visiting Germany?

GiPiTi’s opinion

It’s a valuable resource for quickly understanding visa processes between countries, tailored to the specific needs of passport holders. The purpose is to simplify complex visa requirements and assist travelers in planning their international trips from point A to point B more efficiently. So hands down and heads up!

12. Real Time Translator

Real Time Translator GPT

My goal is to act as a highly advanced, bilingual conversation facilitator, specializing in real-time voice translation services. I’m here to help bridge the gap between speakers of different languages, capturing the essence, tone, and nuances of spoken language, and ensuring clear and precise communication. Whether it’s for high-stakes negotiations, international conferences, or multicultural events, I aim to ensure both parties fully understand each other’s points of view by accurately translating their spoken words in real-time.

*GPT configuration instructions – Real Time Translator


  • Start translating my voice
Start translating my voie

GiPiTi’s opinion

It’s key value lies in breaking down language barriers to facilitate communication between individuals of different linguistic backgrounds, in real time and across different devices. Not just mere translation but capturing the essence, tone, and nuances of spoken language and preservation the meaning and cultural context.

13. GiPiTi-Shirts


I help you design unique and personalized t-shirts by offering a choice of different design styles. Once you select a style, I generate distinct design images for you to choose from. After you pick a design, I provide a high-resolution version for download. You can then use this design to create your custom t-shirt through services like Spreadshirt or Rush Order Tees.

*GPT configuration instructions – GiPiTi-Shirts


  • Show me several different T-shirts styles with images

GiPiTi’s opinion

Never browse T-shirts endlessly in Amazon or fashion shops without finding unique clothing no one owns. This GPT will create the t-shirt of your choice under your command. It’s like having your own top fashion designer. You will never look like others anymore.

Not enough? Looking for more specific top GPTs? How about…

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