Top GPTs for Marketing Professionals [May 2024]

Best GPTs for Marketing

This article reviews (by me, expert in ChatGPT) the best GPTs for marketing, covering areas like newsletters, paid ads, SEO, social media branding, and benchmarking. If you want/need to build better strategies and drive better results, read on to find out which GPTs can transform your marketing efforts. Keep ChatGPT-4o open to test at the … Read more

Best GPTs for Coding Like a Pro [May 2024]

Best GPTs for coding

Gone are the days when coding was a solitary endeavor, confined to long hours in front of a computer screen, deciphering lines of code. The advent of GPTs has revolutionized this landscape, offering tools that are not just about automating tasks but about enhancing the very essence of coding. In this article, we embark on … Read more

Best GPTs for Finance in May 2024

Best GPTs for Finance

Having tested and curated a variety of GPTs, we present a concise and insightful overview, shedding light on the most effective ones for financial tasks. We try to cover market trends, analyzing economic indicators, or crafting financial reports. The right GPT can be a game-changer and a time-saving machine for economy queries, either if they … Read more

Top 12 Best GPTs in April 2024 [From OpenAI Market + Community]

Best GPTs in the market

As of November 2023, the OpenAI market is thriving with a diverse array of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), each pushing the boundaries of natural language understanding and generation. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, meticulously reviewing and curating the top GPTs currently dominating the scene. Regardless they are built by OpenAI or by the … Read more