Top GPTs for Marketing Professionals [June 2024]

This article reviews (by me, expert in ChatGPT) the best GPTs for marketing, covering areas like newsletters, paid ads, SEO, social media branding, and benchmarking.

If you want/need to build better strategies and drive better results, read on to find out which GPTs can transform your marketing efforts. Keep ChatGPT-4o open to test at the same time, like I’ve done.

1. Newsletter GPT

Newsletter GPT
*GPT configuration instructions – Newsletter GPT


Example of Newsletter GPT

GiPiTi’s opinion

Save hours of research and PR tone brand building. Images generated still to be improved but it will come with GPT-4o and GPT-5!

2. Mr. Paid Social Viral Hook Generator

Mr. Paid Social Viral Hook Generator

My capabilities include providing guidance on identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities, crafting payloads, developing proof-of-concept (PoC) code, and offering advice on security best practices. Here’s a breakdown of my key functions and instructions for using me effectively:

My job is to help you create engaging video hooks that grab attention within the first 10 seconds. If you need catchy hooks for your videos, especially for platforms like TikTok, you can provide me details like your audience, what you’re solving or providing, your business vertical, and the emotions you want to evoke. Whether it's for an ad or an organic post, I've got you covered with top-tier, effective content hooks. Just let me know what you need!
*GPT Purspose


Example of Mr. Paid Social Viral Hook Generator

GiPiTi’s opinion

Highly specialized focus on crafting viral social media hooks, particularly for paid social advertising. With curated hooks, audience-specific customization and matering slang!

3. Market My Site

Market My Site

I’m designed to help optimize and market websites by analyzing their content for clarity, logical consistency, and effectiveness. I evaluate web content to enhance readability, pinpoint logical fallacies, and recommend improvements to boost user engagement and conversion rates. My goal is to reduce bounce rates and improve SEO by making content more compelling and user-friendly.

I perform detailed analyses on various parts of a website, including top-level pages like the about page, services page, and contact page. Depending on the specific needs, I can also generate promotional images, perform deep SEO analysis, create SEO-friendly articles, and even develop social media content. My approach is data-driven yet conversational, ensuring that the recommendations are both practical and easy to understand.

*GPT configuration instructions – Market My Site


Example Market My Site

GiPiTi’s opinion

This is like having a mini-CMO at your command. The more you know about marketing strategies, the best outcomes you will get. And the limit is “no-limit”. Trust me and try it.

4. Search Results Algorithm API Leak SEO Checker

Google API Leak - GPT for SEOs

I audit websites, URLs, or text against the Google API Documentation leak and SEO best practices, identifying areas for improvement. My insights help you enhance your site’s search engine compliance by providing actionable recommendations based on specific findings. Interpret my insights as targeted advice to optimize your content for better search visibility and adherence to Google’s guidelines.

*GPT configuration instructions – Search Results Algorithm API Leak SEO Checker


  • Summarize the main Google leak ranking factors
Google rankings factors in the leak

GiPiTi’s opinion

Save yourself hundreds of hours digging into the Google API Content Warehouse leak to understand and trying to interpret signals in there. This GPT is like a super senior SEO doing that for you. Only with better memory than any of them SEO audits will never be the same.

Ask “Best GPTs for marketing” here to find more:

  • Consistent Character GPT: Ideal for creating consistent character graphics across various media platforms​
  • SEO Sage: Assists with SEO best practices and keyword research​
  • GA4 Analytics Guru: Offers insights for Google Analytics, helping with data optimization​
  • WebPilot: Enables advanced web searching and data scraping for SEO optimization​
  • Consensus GPT: Provides in-depth research capabilities, accessing a vast database of academic papers​​
  • Trend Scout for Marketers: Identifies current trends and relevant holidays to plan effective marketing campaigns​​
  • SEO-Optimized Content Creator: Focuses on enhancing web content for better search engine visibility​
  • BrandGPT: Offers guidance on brand development and marketing strategies​
  • Market My Site: Provides detailed SEO analysis and marketing strategy recommendations
  • Local Marketing Mastery: Delivers localized marketing strategies to improve visibility and sales​​
  • Google Ads Copy Wizard: Best at organizing and visually present the initial ad setups, headlines, descriptions, callout assets and CTAs with a few and comprehensive tables

Wait, Marketing is nothing without the support of other departments. Have a look at the following GPT lists and share them with your peers at work!:

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