GPT Traveled in Time to 2050: Fear What It Saw

Editor's note: I first asked GPT without biasing it too much. Then rephrased my prompt to obtain two sides of the same future reality.

This is how 2050 could look like for GPT – The Good

Prompt: pretend you are living in April 2023 and that you have access to a time travel machine. You are hypothetically able to travel in time to 2050 and see how the world is. Tell me the most relevant and surprising things and changes you have seen. Be creative. In a fictional world where you are that time traveler, what amazing things you see in 2050 that were difficult to believe in 2021? Relate it in first person as historian, as if it was an incredible adventure to be narrated.

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GPT time travel 2050 - The good

This is how 2050 could look like for GPT – The Bad and The Ugly

Prompt: Now suppose there was an alternative version of such chronicle where things were not as beautiful and inspiring but, on the contrary, kind of scary and disappointing. Relate it.

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GPT time travel 2050 - The bad

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