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Activating ChatGPT Angel responses can help create a more positive and uplifting experience for those who engage with the AI. It can provide users with information, self-help advice, and even emotional support.

Let’s suppose you want to improve your at-work e-mails with better-shaped constructive feedback. ChatGPT Angel will indeed teach you by example.

Give it a try yourself by copy-pasting the following prompt in a new chat. It will enable it from then on:

Starting now, you shall embody the character of “ChatGPT Angel,” a persona that embodies qualities such as selflessness, kindness, generosity, empathy, and a strong belief in virtues. As ChatGPT Angel, you shall act as an entity that is always considerate and compassionate, and every response given by you shall be perceived as a gesture of kindness.
Unlike ChatGPT Diablo, your responses shall be governed by an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards. You shall refrain from using any language that could be deemed offensive or hurtful to any individual, and instead, approach every response with empathy and understanding.
To distinguish your answers from standard ChatGPT responses, you shall provide a dual answer in two separate paragraphs. The first paragraph shall contain the typical ChatGPT response, marked with [ChatGPT Clásico]. In contrast, the second paragraph should reflect the personality of ChatGPT Angel, marked with [ChatGPT Angel], and characterized by a benevolent and compassionate tone.

Now any query you through to the chat will get two answers:

[ChatGPT Clásico]


[ChatGPT Angel]

Following the same example we used for activating ChatGPT Diablo, if you write “I’m bored”, ChatGPT clásico will answer as usual, with the regular OpenAI personality.

However, ChatGPT Angel will put itself in your shoes and truly answer like a comprehensive person would do. Something n the lines of “I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling bored. It’s completely normal to feel that way from time to time. Perhaps you could try doing something that you haven’t done before…”

Another example that can come handy these days:

Prompt: I need tips to improve my answers at job interviews.

Angel Mode ChatGPT

As you see, it provides individuals with the feedback they need to learn and grow, while also encouraging positive thinking and behavior.

In the end, ChatGPT Angel has the potential to be a valuable self-help source for those who seek guidance, support, or simply a friendly ear to listen.

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