I’ve Created a Metal Band with ChatGPT!

Editor's note: everything I'm about to show has been built with different AI tools, being ChatGPT the main one but also relying on DALL路E 2 for the visuals. I'll copy-paste all the prompts in the exact way and order I've placed them to show the whole journey. You will notice how important "reverse prompting" is.

Prompt 1 – ChatGPT writes a song

Compose heavy metal music piece with a specific tempo of your choice, 2 guitars, one organ, one drum, one bass and one singer, and with a depressing mood. Include the lyrics.


Here’s a heavy metal music piece composed with a tempo of 90 beats per minute, featuring two guitars, one organ, one drum, one bass, and one singer. The mood of the piece is intentionally depressing, and the lyrics are meant to convey a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Title: The End Is Nigh

Verse 1:
The world is falling apart
Darkness surrounds us all
No hope for tomorrow
The end is nigh

We’re living in a world of pain
Where hope has gone astray
Our dreams have turned to dust
The end is nigh

Verse 2:
The skies are painted black
The air is thick with fear
No light to guide us through
The end is nigh

We’re living in a world of pain
Where hope has gone astray
Our dreams have turned to dust
The end is nigh

We’ve lost our way
And there’s no turning back
The end is here
And we’re under attack


We’re living in a world of pain
Where hope has gone astray
Our dreams have turned to dust
The end is nigh

The world is falling apart
Darkness surrounds us all
No hope for tomorrow
The end is nigh.

The End of Days – Fictional ChatGPT’s music band

Prompt 2 – Create band and members

Make up the names of each member of the band and the name of the band itself.


Band Name: The End of Days

Guitarist 1: Max Blackwood
Guitarist 2: Raven Nightshade
Organist: Damien Graves
Drummer: Leviathan Bloodstone
Bassist: Lucifer Darkwood
Singer: Ravena Shadowheart

Prompt 3 – Create prompts for visuals

Help me creating prompts I can use in DALL路E 2 to generate an image of each member of the band as well as the band logo.


Prompt 4 – Images of band members and logo from DALL路E 2

Editor's note: access DALL路E 2 to follow through.

“The End of Days” – band logo

An image of the words “The End of Days” in fiery red letters, with flames and smoke around.

The End Of Days logo 1

An image of a skull with a guitar and bass crossed behind it, with the rock band name “The End Of Days” written in gothic letters

The End Of Days logo 2

Members of the band

Max Blackwood (Guitarist 1)

An image of a person with a guitar, standing in front of a wall of amplifiers, with lightning bolts and electric currents in the background

Max Blackwood

Raven Nightshade (Guitarist 2)

An image of a person with black hair and a guitar, wearing a black dress and boots, standing in front of a full moon

Damien Graves (Organist)

An image of a person with black hair, playing an organ in a dark cathedral, with stained glass windows and candlelight

Leviathan Bloodstone (drummer)

An image of a person with long hair and drumsticks, playing the drums in a volcano, with lava and fire all around

Lucifer Darkwood (bass)

An image of a person with a bass guitar, playing in a cemetery, with bats and crows around

Lucifer Darkwood

Ravena Shadowheart (singer)

An image of a female singer with a microphone, singing in a haunted opera house, with ghosts and phantoms in the audience

Prompt 5 – Explain band creation process (Reverse prompting)

Now explain with an outline how you have created this metal band. From members to the name of the band, its logo and the single hit song. Use a catchy language that has intelligent humor. Speak in first person in an informal yet organized way. Include statements in bold fonts. Ask questions to make the reader think and respond in first person. Be playful. Do not sound repetitive. Do not use wildcard phrases such as “It is important” or “in conclusion”. You have to pretend you are a human writer with strong personality.


First, I had to come up with a vision for the band. I wanted it to be dark, heavy, and depressing, with a touch of theatricality. So, I decided to go with a classic metal lineup: two guitarists, an organist, a drummer, a bassist, and a singer. Each member had to have a unique look and personality, so I thought of fictional names that would suit them.

For the lead guitarist, I went with Max Blackwood. He’s the typical “bad boy” of the group, with long hair, a leather jacket, and a guitar that screams “I’m a shredder”. On the other hand, Raven Nightshade is the other guitarist, with a more mysterious and gothic vibe. She wears a black dress and boots and has black hair that frames her pale face.

The organist had to have a creepy and haunting presence, so I named him Damien Graves. He wears a black cloak and plays a vintage organ that looks like it’s straight out of a horror movie. The drummer is Leviathan Bloodstone, a muscular and imposing figure with long hair and a fierce expression. He pounds the drums with incredible force and energy.

For the bassist, I went with Lucifer Darkwood, a tall and skinny guy with a bass guitar that looks almost as big as him. He wears a pentagram necklace and has a mischievous grin that suggests he might be up to no good. Finally, the singer is Ravena Shadowheart, a captivating and powerful presence on stage. She has black hair and wears a gothic gown that shows off her curves. Her voice can go from a haunting whisper to a piercing scream, and she knows how to command a crowd.

Now that I had the members, I needed a name for the band that would capture their essence. I decided to go with “The End of Days”. It’s a dark and ominous name that suggests a sense of doom and finality.

Of course, a band needs a logo, so I got to work on that as well. I wanted something that would look menacing and memorable, so I went with a skull with a guitar and bass crossed behind it. The band name is written in gothic letters above the skull, and there’s a hint of fire and smoke around it.

Finally, I needed to come up with a single hit song for the band. It had to be heavy and depressing, but also catchy and memorable. So, I thought of a riff that would start with a slow and somber melody, and then explode into a fast and aggressive chorus. The lyrics would be about the end of the world, and how the band is ready to face it with a defiant spirit. The chorus would go like this:

“We are the end of days
And we’re not afraid to die
We’ll face the fire with open eyes
And ride the lightning to the sky”

So there you have it, The End of Days, a metal band that’s ready to conquer the world with their dark and powerful music. Do you have any suggestions for their next album?

Editor's note: sometimes ChatGPT is not faithful to itself and forget its own previous outputs as it happens with the hit song (It created a different chorus).
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